Top Educational YouTube Channels for Your Homeschool

YouTube….it has become one of the most used resources of our time. Youtube offers entertainment and educational resources right at our fingertips. Not only that, but YouTube offers a wealth of video content to supplement your homeschool lessons. With YouTube being such a large platform, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to find what you need. Your search is over!  This article gives you several educational youtube channels for kids of all ages to explore.

I do want to note, most of these channels are geared towards younger students although some (as noted) could be used to supplement middle and high school lessons. If you are looking for YouTube channels for toddlers, check for songs and see what the channels based on popular kid shows have to offer such as Sesame Street Cocomelon, or PBS Kids.

As with any resources on the Internet, previewing and supervision are key to making sure the content is appropriate for your child’s level of understanding and maturity. The best youtube education filter is a parent or teacher!

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in to some of the most popular youtube education channels!

Best Math Videos on YouTube

MathAntics–  I love this resource! MathAntics has great videos for grades 3-8 that explain math concepts easily for students. 

Numberblocks– These cute videos teach kids all about counting and numbers! Kids love it and don’t even realize they are learning. 

Language Arts YouTube Educational Videos-

Alphablocks– This channel is very similar to its math counterpart, Numberblocks, except it focuses on words, spelling, and letters. Your child will learn a lot! 

Multiple Subject Area YouTube Channels-

Mr. DeMaio– Mr. DeMaio uses puppets and music to teach kids about math, science, space, and many other topics! So much fun and so unique! 

Homeschool Pop– This resource has videos with various subjects that are broken down using fun graphics and pictures. You can find some youtube videos for financial education here too!

Kids Learning Tube-  Here is a hidden gem! These videos cover different subjects with fun, catchy songs! Careful, you will get addicted as well! 

Mystery Doug– Mystery Doug answers the questions that you may not have thought to ask, such as “How are waves made in the ocean?” It is great for curious kids. 

Khan Academy/Khan Academy Kids– These instructional videos break down tough STEM subjects and go over sample problems. Khan Academy also has a channel for younger children called Khan Academy Kids with some great circle time resources. 

Curiosity Stream– This channel is chock-full of documentary-style films on a range of historical and current subjects. 

Tibees– With the history of math, physics, and even gaming, this channel has many great resources for a variety of subjects. Your child is sure to enjoy! 

Free School– The channel shares topics that kids should learn about, but breaks them down in easy-to-digest videos.

Dr. Binocs (Peekaboo Kidz)– The Dr. Binocs Show is full of language and science videos for younger kids. Your child is sure to learn while having fun. 

RockNLearn– A great channel for toddlers up to fifth grade for a variety of subjects. Looking for something in particular? I am sure you will find it here! 

Science Lessons and Videos on YouTube-

Crash Course Kids– This channel talks about science topics in roughly 5-minute videos! Perfect for a quick resource! 

Generation Genius– This is the channel to check out if you have a child in grades K-5 who wants to learn more about science!

Mark Rober (Middle/High School)- Mark Rober is a NASA scientist turned YouTube sensation that weaves in science, math and engineering lessons throughout his videos. 

SciShow Kids– This channel is full of fun videos exploring strange and unusual science topics. Kids love it!

Amoeba Sisters– These short videos (roughly ten minutes) make those difficult biology topics fun to learn about.

National Geographic– Educational videos that go into a variety of world topics, but focus mainly on science and the world we live in.

Life in Jars- (Middle/High) This channel explores ecosystems from observing different species and topics in jars. Perfect for the older kids! 

Be Smart– This channel welcomes curiosity and explores the crazy questions your child might have. Perfect for naturally curious children!

Go Experimental– These videos share amazing experiments and life hacks. Kids love them and so do we! 

Operation Ouch– These videos demystify the human body and teaches young kids how things like coughs and teeth work!

Professor Dave Explains (High School)- A channel that explains science without the fluff (or being boring). This is perfect for the older kids! 

Social Science, Geography, Economics & Culture on YouTube-

Liberty Kids– This channel has fun cartoons that explore topics in history.

Jeography Songs– Check this channel out to learn about countries and geography through music and illustrations.

Geography Geek (Middle/High School)- These videos are great for older students as they go into detail about crazy and specific parts of history and geography.

CNN10– (Middle/High School Only)- Check this channel out for news and trivia in 10-minute videos. Plus, it is very neutral on topics going on around the world! Watch out for the corny puns at the end!

Simple History– These videos would be great for older children as they use cartoons to break down parts of history. 

US National Archives (Middle/High School)- The US National Archives are full of events and stories that have happened in the United States’ history. This provides so much information! 

Mark Weins (food/travel)- Mark shares his stories of his travels and the food he finds along the way. Students find this channel so interesting and learn a lot! 

Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates (Discovery Channel)- Searching any of these videos will bring up many different adventures around the world! 

Over Simplified– By breaking down wars and conflicts, this channel teaches kids in the simplest way possible. 

Bible Stories YouTube Channels-

Superbook– This channel teaches kids about life and morals using bible stories. A go to for parents who are looking for biblical education resources. 

Art, Music & Extracurricular YouTube Channels-

DrawingWiffWaffles– This channel is a fun one for kids who want to follow along with someone who draws all sorts of fun subjects.

Major Hamster & Friends– These silly videos follow a hamster and his friends through different settings and obstacles. Kids love watching this channel and find it hilarious. 

Best Ever Food Review Show– A channel dedicated to sharing the best foods from around the world. Careful, you will get hungry watching!

Mr. Vacca– Playlists on this channel talk about how to use Google Apps and building video games. Kids find this one very interesting! 

Do you use any of these channels? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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