Hi and welcome to Homeschool Toolbox!

Most families choose the homeschool path for one of two reasons:

1- It’s a vision and desire from the start for various reasons and perhaps because it is the same way that you were taught as a child.

2- Traditional brick and mortar public school is not the best fit for your child’s unique learning preferences and/or your family needs a more flexible schedule.

Some families choose a religious based curriculum and path while others choose a more secular curriculum. Others create a DIY curriculum with materials from various resources. There are all kinds of homeschool schedules and models to accommodate work and different family dynamics.

I found myself at the intersection of these paths and created this site as a place for ALL families to find helpful information while exploring educational options for their children.

This site exists as a place to summarize and share current research and best practices with other families who find themselves at the same intersection.

The homeschool path has created an environment for our child [and 3 million other children…and growing] to thrive. I’m here to support other families by sharing ideas, resources and information to add to their own homeschool toolbox!