Homeschool Supplies- Recommendations

7 Homeschool Supplies We Use Daily

Dry Erase Plastic Sleeves

We use plastic sleeves with dry erase markers for re-using worksheets. These are seasonal at Dollar Tree if you have one in your area.

Organizing Bins

Great for organizing and sorting curriculum materials and/or daily activities for each subject area. Another Dollar Tree seasonal item, but plastic is not as thick and sturdy as the ones sold online or in supply stores.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a true teaching assistant 😊 We use Alexa daily for questions, research, music and games. Everything from the weather to math facts to Spanish is incorporated into our day to day lessons.

Alphabet Stampers

These have been great for spelling and language arts hands-on learning. We’ve used them to practice spelling words, to add the correct punctuation to sentences, and more.

Dot Markers

These were recommended by a homeschool group and have so many more uses than art! We use them for games, making shapes or measuring different lengths, stamping certain concepts on a worksheet as a fun alternative to highlighting. They can be used for young students to count and do basic addition facts or older students to practice graphing. There are some printables that are specially designed to use with dot markers for other ideas.


Clipboards are cheap and help us take learning outdoors or around the room. Great for scavenger hunts and learning tasks that require physical movement.

Old Fashioned Pencil Sharpener

We save time and headaches with good pencils and a dependable sharpener.