5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Preschooler’s Learning

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Preschoolers are soaking in everything they can about life and learning.  It’s a great time to engage in simple and fun learning activities with them. These are 5 simple tips to boost your preschooler’s learning and set them up for success as in their early school years.

1. Make up silly rhyming sentences.

Rhyming words and patterns are keys to doing well

For learning how to read, how to write, and how to spell

Driving down the road and bath times are great

I guarantee your little one will not want to wait

To hear you talk about a big brown bear

Wearing a pair of purple underwear

They will be listening and eager to join in on the fun

I’m having fun myself just getting this article done :]

Seriously, rhymes and rhyming games are a fantastic way to give your preschooler a boost in their learning.  It’s the reason nursery rhymes and some of the most popular children’s stories, such as Green Eggs and Ham, are easily remembered and recited.

2.  Point to words when reading aloud.

When reading aloud to kids, do things that we’ve long quit doing as adult readers, such as pointing to the words.

It teaches kids that you start

At the top of the page

Then read from the left                             To the Right






until you turn the page.

Don’t skip the title page and author’s name when you start a new book.

Just knowing how print works will give your preschooler an advantage when they begin learning how to read.

3.  Pick a word of the week to build vocabulary.

There is a reason why Sesame Street still picks a “word on the street” and uses it throughout their show. Repetition works, especially when you focus on one particular word and use it in different contexts.

So, let’s say we choose the word “colorful.”  Use this word throughout the week to describe their colorful shirt, a colorful toy, a colorful salad, and it won’t be long until you hear your preschooler doing the same!

Their vocabulary will be the most colorful in the class and it will later positively impact their writing. 

4.  Play an alphabet game.

Our favorite go-to game on the road or late in the evening when we’re winding down is to play an alphabet game.

Pick a category and try to name one thing in that category that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Foods is one we usually play, starting with “A is for apple” and having to get a little creative- or do a quick Google search- when it comes to Q and X.  

5.  Play word association games.

A strawberry:

is it sweet or sour?

a fruit or a vegetable?

red or blue?

soft or hard?

square or heart shaped?

Word association games are simple ways to get those little minds thinking, making connections and figuring out how words work.  

Most of all, have fun with your preschooler as they explore and learn.  It’s a win-win to get to be silly and boost their learning in those sweet preschool years! 

What are some simple and fun learning games you play with your preschooler? 



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