How to Make a Book Nook for Kids: 5 Simple Ideas

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A book nook, or reading nook is simply a cozy place for kids to enjoy reading.

The ideas for book nooks on Pinterest look expensive and much more complex than I had in mind. We needed a simple and budget friendly book nook that would not require home construction!

These ideas are for how to make a simple book nook that provides a special place for kids to read. You could also add different supplies and these areas could become a place for drawing or writing as well.

A book nook needs three essentials:

Book Nook Lighting

One of our book nook spots was under our son’s top bunk bed. It was an ideal spot except for the lack of lighting.

Our solution- and one that works well for unique spaces- stick on LED lighting. Another idea would be a strand of clear or colored rope lights.

Lights are great for reading and create a space where kids enjoy hanging out.

Book Nook Seating

Seating for a book nook may or may not include an actual chair. Pillows, blankets and stuffed animals work just as well as a chair.

Inexpensive chairs could be folding lawn chairs or bean bags. It really doesn’t matter as long as it provides a place to prop up with a book.

If you have young kids and a place where an indoor swing or hammock would work, they serve the purpose of a place for both reading and relaxing.

Books for the Book Nook

The most essential item for your reading nook is, of course, books!

You could also add magazines, newspaper comics, or any type of print that your child may find interesting.

Once you have the essentials, here are 5 different ways you could make a simple book nook.

These are easily portable and you could use one at a time or a combination of them to keep it interesting.

  1. A Laundry Basket

Toss a blanket, pillow and a few books in a rectangle laundry basket and you have instantly created a cozy book nook!

Kids love to crawl in and out of the basket and it’s a fun way to encourage reading.

You could also accomplish the same thing with a sturdy box or any kind of basket.

2. Any type of tent or fort

A pop-up tent makes a great book nook!

The same space can be created with some sheets or blankets set up like a fort.

Simple Book Nook Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

Play tents are inexpensive and can be used for book nooks or for creative play!

3. Bean bag chair or pillows

Kids love to sink into a bean bag chair or oversized pillows. These create a cozy place to read anywhere in your home.

4. Reading Nook with Furniture

We have a junior loft bed that created an ideal place for a book nook and lights for reading.

We added a sleeping bag, some stuffed animals, and books in storage containers to the space.

The same type of space could be achieved in a closet, corner, or any space that could be used as a temporary book nook.

5. Camping or lawn chairs

Kids’ camping or lawn chairs are inexpensive and can provide a place to take reading indoors or outdoors. You could even make a reading station with a camping theme to make it more fun.

Family pets will enjoy the book nooks too!

The main goal for a book nook at home is to encourage reading for enjoyment. Setting up a simple book nook is a great way for kids to view reading as a leisure activity and not a chore.

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