10 Best Free Educational Websites for Preschoolers

These are 10 of the best free educational websites for engaging your preschooler in fun learning!  

All of them have a lot of free content even if they promote an additional paid plan.  I am only recommending these based on the free content.  

Most of these have an app companion, but these are all great for kids learning to work on a desktop or laptop.

All of these websites are safe and have activities that are just right for kids ages 4-7.  They are great for preschoolers or kindergarten learning websites. However, I always recommend making sure you set up the parental controls on any computer or device your child is using.

These are usually found in the system preferences or settings and it’s worth a few minutes of time to make any screen time as safe as possible for our kiddos. You can also accomplish the same with awesome parental control devices like Disney’s Circle


Great websites for kids: 


This site has easy to use learning games that teach the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and other preschool concepts.  

Kids can also listen to stories being read aloud, create art designs, listen to songs, and learn about different holidays.  A lot of the games are arcade style and easy to figure out.  There are a few activities, such as word finds, that can be played online or printed out.  

There are (safe, but annoying) ads running on the page, which is common on a lot of sites that offer free content.  Overall, it’s very organized and fun for young children!     



Starfall has long been one of my favorites, both as a preschool teacher and as mom to a preschooler.  

It teaches young kids phonics and helps them learn how to read. It’s simple, fun, and effective.

The alphabet activity is simply choosing a letter and then clicking on the flashing stars to hear the sounds and learn words that start with that letter.

There is a zoo scene with the letter z, and an ostrich walks across the screen and puts its head in the dirt. I cannot tell you how many times my son has laughed out loud at that ostrich even though he has seen it a hundred times!

I love it when you see your child learning and having fun too!



Built with preschoolers in mind, ABCmouse is well designed and full of interactive content to keep kids engaged.

It’s easy to navigate and has a lot of choices (maybe too many) for learning letters, numbers and basic pre-k concepts.

This may or may not be a downside depending on how you look at it, but when children achieve a skill, they are rewarded by getting a ticket to “shop” for items.

I tend to prefer the stickers or simple words of positive encouragement instead of the shopping (my mind goes to webkinz and how quickly those virtual dollars can become real). Still, it is great site for young minds to explore and grow.   


BrainPop Jr.

There is a limited amount of free content on this site but you can find some really cute videos on non-fiction topics for preschoolers to enjoy. The videos are usually less than five minutes and have a girl named Annie and her robot friend Mobi who explain different concepts in kid-friendly ways.  

Each video comes with multiple-choice quizzes, a joke, printable activites and a cartoon strip on the same topic.  

My son loves anything science related but it’s hard to find anything that breaks it down simple enough for young learners but Brainpop Jr. does just that.  

A lot of teachers use these videos in the classroom because they are so good for visual learners.  



This website has tons of great free sample content for kids ages 4 and up. It’s kind’ve old-school in terms of graphics and navigation but it is full of relevant activities, games, printables and links. It is a fantastic place for kids to do research on different topics.  

Their picture dictionary is full of links so (for example) if you click on “S is for Shapes” there are links to tons of additional resources about shapes, including illustrations, coloring pages, and worksheets. 



This site is geared for 4-6 year olds and is full of the types of colors and characters they enjoy.  

It’s great for building math problem-solving and early literacy skills.  This site is easy to explore but there are ads directing to their larger parent division called Poptropica, so you have to keep a check and make sure kids don’t end up on a different site.  



I’m not going to lie. We have had times in our lives (sickness, raining, too cold outside, etc.) where we’ve binged a little bit too much on baby tv.  

The name can be misleading because it is great for learning opportunities for preschoolers!  The website is full of activities to learn basic skills like counting, sorting, matching, comparing and more.  

I’m especially fond of Babytv because of their emphasis on art, music, and creative play. I believe art, music, and creative play are essential to growing young minds!



Whatever your kids love to watch the most on tv, whether it’s Sprout, Nick Jr., Disney Jr., or something else, there’s most likely a website that goes with it.

Our favorite has always been PBS kids so Thomas and George are well known around here. It’s fun for kids to read the character books and then see their favorite characters on the computer. 

The website does not disappoint with full episodes of our favorite shows to watch and games to play.  



I only recommend this site if you are doing the games with your child.  

There are some really good learning games and printables for preschoolers but there are also advertisements in the sidebar for games that are intended for older children.  



National Geographic Kids has some great videos, visuals, and fun facts, especially engaging for those kids that enjoy animals and exploring nature.  

It’s a great site for curious young minds to learn and explore more about the world around them.   

Hope this is helpful to you for finding some new sites and resources for your little learner!  

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